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Result of the visit of the season for 2011 years.
JASDF Chitose Air Festival
August 07, 2011
Chitose Air Base MAP
RW 3,000 X 60m、2,700 X 45m
TWR 236.8MHz
JGSDF Camp Higashi-Chitose OpenHouse
October 09, 2011
Higashi-Chitose Base MAP
JGSDF Camp Okadama Open House
October 30, 2009
Okadama Base MAP
RW 1,400 X 30m、366 X 18m
TWR 118.1MHz
JASDF Air Festa in Naha
December 11, 2011
Naha Air Base MAP
RW 3,000 X 45m
TWR 308.6MHz